About Rita

Rita Barakat resides in the Dallas area, Texas.
She is happily married to her hubby and mother to five children.

 A little bit about the past
Rita has always drawn pictures, doodled,
made crafts and painted with all types of media.
When the Barakats bought their first home she quickly went to work painting murals, first in the kids’ rooms, then in all the other rooms of the house. The word spread through the neighborhood and pretty soon she was
being paid to paint murals in all the local homes, model homes,
and businesses! 

Since then she has had work published in a variety of magazines, sold art outright and has been honored to work with some of the best manufacturers in the business.

Rita on her work
“In my work, I hope you will find encouragement,
a little whimsy, something pretty or at least something to make
you think. I do believe we need to be thankful and focus on the positive!
I am passionate about art and believe that we are all creative in our own way. I love sharing the joy of art with others!

Rita loves teaching, sells individual pieces, has licensed work,  commissioned pieces and now has her own line NEXT by Rita Barakat.
She is so excited about this line because she feels that this line is filling in a need that isn’t being met in the industry today. 
Other Interests In addition to the family and art Rita has a passion for music and youth.

Rita and her husband are the youth pastors at their church. Rita is also the worship leader at her church. The Barakats volunteer their time to foster care community and are raising three special needs adopted children.

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Rita is an  Association for Creative Industries Member and is the
Chair for the Designer Section of the AFCI Designer Council