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This is my Breakthrough Hand Embellished Reproduction

This is my Breakthrough Hand Embellished Reproduction

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This is My Breakthrough from the #Manifestations Collection
I know you've been waiting for a while... waiting for your breakthrough, looking for a sign: this is it! This is My Breakthrough is a reminder that hard times don't last forever; time, like the color and feel of this piece, is forever moving. So today is your day, accept it - you are long overdue for a breakthrough and you deserve it!

You can order this in whatever size you want as a beautifully done hand-embellished reproduction. Or you can purchase the original here This is My Breakthrough original.

Hand Embellished Reproductions 
8 x 10 $ 105
16 x 20 $ 196
20 x 24 $242
(please inquire if you need a different size.)
*Includes shipping!
*Are ready to hang
*Have 1.25 depth.

Please allow a few weeks as these are hand embellished upon ordering

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Hand Embellished Reproductions are an affordable way to get beautiful art in your home. It is a print on canvas of one of my original paintings and hand-embellished and sealed by the artist before coming to its new home. The reproductions are beautifully done you will love it!